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Navy Marine Corps Acquisition Regulation Supplementnmcars

Navy Marine Corps Acquisition Regulation Supplement

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5216.202-90 Firm-fixed-price  contracts.

Consultation with DPC is required prior to the  use of a firm-fixed-price (FFP) contract for a sole source acquisition with a value  greater than $500 million for U.S. or combined U.S./FMS requirements for a major system  as defined in FAR 2.101. This consultation should use the Peer Review process provided  at NMCARS 5201.170. The HCA shall notify DASN(AP) by email at RDAJ&  with the subject [Activity Name] Consultation with DPC for a FFP Contract over $500M"  seven days prior to requesting the review from DPC.




5216.306 Cost-plus-fixed-fee  contracts.

(c) Limitations.

(ii)(A) COMNAVFAC is delegated authority to  approve cost-plus-fixed-fee (CPFF)

contracts for environmental work only, provided  the environmental work is not classified as construction, as defined by 10 U.S.C.  2801.

(B) Requests for approval of CPFF contracts  requiring SECDEF approval shall be routed through NAVFACENGCOM and then via DASN(AP) by  email at RDAJ& with the subject [Activity Name] DFARS 216.306 CPFF  Contract Approval.




5216.401 General.

(d) HCAs may delegate signature authority for  approval of required Determination and Findings (D&Fs) as follows:

(1) Award-fee contract types. D&F signature  authority is delegable to no lower than the Deputy/Assistant Commander for Contracts.  HCAs shall submit copies of approved D&Fs for cost-plus-award-fee (CPAF) contracts  to DASN(AP) by email at RDAJ& with the subject [Activity Name] FAR  16.401 HCA CPAF D&F [ACAT Program Designation Number and Description] as follows:

(i) All D&Fs for contracts of ACAT I  Programs: Within 15 days after approval.

(ii) D&Fs for contracts of non-ACAT I  programs valued $50,000,000 or more (including options): Within 30 days after  approval.

(2) Other incentive contracts. D&F signature  authority is delegable no lower than one level above the Contracting Officer.




5216.504 Indefinite-quantity  contracts.

(a)(4)(v) The Navy task and delivery order  ombudsman is Ms. Cindy Shaver, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Acquisition and  Procurement), 1000 Navy Pentagon, Washington, DC 20350, phone (703) 614-9600, fax (703)  614-9394, and email

(c)(1) Planning the acquisition.

(ii)(D)(1) Except for the  determination under FAR 16.504(c)(1)(ii)(D)(1)(iv), the Deputy/Assistant Commander for  Contracts, without power of redelegation, is the approval authority.

(iv) DASN(P), without power of  redelegation, is the approval authority. HCAs shall submit an Action memo and body of  the D&F, in the format required by Annex 7, Section 843 D&F, electronically as  both Word and .pdf files with a copy of the approved AS, STRAP, or MOPAS-S by email at RDAJ& with the  subject “[Activity Name] DFARS 216.504 – D&F for Single Award  [contract/task/delivery order number]”.


5216.505 Ordering.

(b)(8) DASN(AP) as the Navy Competition Advocate  General, is the task-order and delivery-order ombudsman. Contact information is provided  at 5216.504(a)(4)(v).


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