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Navy Marine Corps Acquisition Regulation Supplement

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5205.303 Announcement of contract  awards.

(a) Public  Announcement.

(i) Report orders or modifications issued by  CAOs that exceed the threshold.

(ii) Submit announcement information to the Navy  Chief of Information (CHINFO).

(S-90) Security  review. Routine contract announcements are exempt from the security review  process. However, full security review is required for contract announcements that are  accompanied by amplifying press releases.

(S-91) Format. To provide for a better understanding by the public, contracting activities  should explain in public announcements the specific type of contracting action being  awarded (i.e., state that the DON has awarded a contract , exercised an option" or  negotiated a modification" to a contract). Sample formats of announcements for contract  modifications are illustrated below. Formats may be altered to suit the circumstances of  the contracting action.

(a) Contract award. (Name of contractor, city,  state) ______________________ was awarded Contract No. issued by the (activity) . The  contract was awarded in the amount of $ .

(b) Contract modification. (Name of contractor,  city, state) _________________ is receiving modification number _____________________ to  previously awarded Contract No. issued by the (activity) . This modification increases  the value of the basic contract by $ , the new total value is $ . Insert an explanatory  statement similar to one of the following as appropriate:

(1) This modification adds the (# of increment, i.e., second, third, etc.) increment of the (length  of multi year contract, i.e., three, four, etc.) year  multi year basic contract.

(2) This modification provides for the purchase  of an additional quantity of (quantity and item, e.g.,  500 widgets) being produced under the basic contract. (If appropriate, indicate that the  contracting action is the result of a competitive negotiated procurement).

(3) This modification provides for the exercise  of an option for an additional quantity of (quantity and item, e.g., 200 gadgets) being  produced under the basic contract.

(4) This modification changes the specifications  for the (indicate item(s)) being produced under the basic contract. The contractor  indicates that the work (is being) (will be) performed at (city and state).

(D)(5) Miscellaneous data. Include:

(a) a statement that the information contained  in the announcement is unclassified;

(b) any areas of sensitivity or high-level  interest;

(c) indication of appropriate coordination to  ensure the accuracy of the wording and data to be released.

(d) the estimated period of performance or  delivery schedule.

(e) the amount of any of the obligated funds  that would have expired at the end of the current fiscal year.




5205.404 Release of long range  acquisition forecasts.

Submit an annual long-range acquisition  forecast to DASN by email with the subject [Activity Name] FAR 5.404 Long Range  Acquisition Forecast by 20 June. DASN(AP) will provide the required format for  reporting.


5205.404-1 Release  procedures.

(a) Application. The agency head designates the HCA as the official who may, in  addition to the agency head, release long range acquisition estimates.


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