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Navy Marine Corps Acquisition Regulation Supplementnmcars

Navy Marine Corps Acquisition Regulation Supplement

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(Classification: If not classified, must be FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY.)

Acquisition Plan Number: __________ Rev: _______

Program Title: ________________________________________________ ACAT_____

Acquisition Manager: __________________________________________ Code _____


______________________________________________________________ ____________

[insert typed name of the Approving Official (include title). If DASN(P) is Date

the Approving Official, insert DASN(P) ]


______________________________________________________________ ____________

[insert typed name of the HCA, PEO, or DRPM (include title) if not the Date

Approving Official.]

______________________________________________________________ ____________

[insert typed name of the Chief of Contracting Office] Date

______________________________________________________________ ____________

[insert typed name of the Contracting Officer and phone number] Date

______________________________________________________________ ____________

[insert typed name of the Program Manager and phone number] Date

This STRAP will be reviewed for possible revision no less often than annually in accordance

with FAR 7.104.

DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT B: Distribution authorized to U.S. Government agencies only (fill in reason) (date of determination). Other requests for this document shall be referred to ________ (insert controlling office).



Section 1: Acquisition Background and Objectives.

1.1 Statement of need. Introduce the plan by a brief statement of need. Include status of any applicable Acquisition Strategy, Acquisition Decision Memorandum, Defense Acquisition Board, and/or any other internal service reviews.

1.2 Historical Summary. Summarize the technical and contractual history of the acquisition. Include contracts awarded for major end items or services for the past five years, contract number, contractor, contract type, supply/service description (title only), quantities, period of performance, historical or estimated contract value and whether a sole source or competitive contract award.

1.3 Technical Data.

1.3.1 Define the overall program objectives, by program phase, for the acquisition of the technical data, including the major types of data to be acquired.

1.3.2 Discuss the requirements for contractor data (including repurchase data) and data rights, their estimated cost, and the use to be made of the data. Explain how the use of the technical data and data rights will be used to sustain competition.

1.3.3 Discuss the results of cost effectiveness analyses of buying contractor data as it relates to achieving the program s objectives.

1.3.4 Discuss validation of the technical data package.

1.3.5 Where applicable and when considered a significant element of the acquisition, define how patents and copyrights will be addressed within the contract.

1.4 Funding. Identify funding to support the action by fiscal year and appropriation.


Section 3: Program Risks.

Risks. Discuss technical, cost, and schedule risks and describe what efforts are planned or underway to reduce risk and the consequences of failure to achieve goals. If concurrency of development and production is planned, discuss its effects on cost and schedule risks.


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