About Us

The Chief Acquisition Officers Council, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the General Services Administration are conducting this national dialogue to discuss ideas on how to reduce the costs (compliance and other) associated with reporting compliance under Federal awards (contracts, subcontracts, grants, subgrants, and cooperative agreements). This dialogue is part an effort to improve the economy and efficiency of the Federal procurement and grants processes by identifying impactful steps to streamline processes and reduce costs and burden.

This dialogue furthers the goals of the President’s Management Agenda which lays the foundation for creating a 21st century government that delivers better results to the American people and addresses requirements of the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014 (Public Law 113-101) to gain a better understanding of the costs of compliance with Federal contracting and grants awards as well as recommendations to standardize data, eliminate unnecessary duplication, and reduce compliance costs.

During last year’s Open Dialogue on Federal Procurement, many commenters pointed to the potential reduction of redundant reporting and related processes as one way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the government’s acquisition practices. This feedback is helping to support ongoing efforts to modernize the IT infrastructure supporting Federal procurement data collection and display, which will include development of a single website for Federal contractors to use for federal contract reporting requirements.

Management of federal contract and grant business arrangements requires multiple layers of reporting across multiple agencies. In some cases, lack of standardization results in slight (or significant) variations in reports that create additional administrative and burdensome requirements for awardees that could be readily rectified.

This dialogue is intended to continue the conversation begun last year in the context of federal procurement and expand it to cover federal grants by identifying opportunities for reducing burden, discussing ideas for standardizing processes and forms, and identifying recommended actions to reduce costs and eliminate duplication for awardees. The open dialogue focuses on three topics (campaigns). Each campaign focuses on a unique aspect of the Federal contracting and grants process for which we welcome your insight, ideas, and feedback.

  • Campaign 1 – Reporting compliance requirements shared by prime and sub-awardees of Federal procurements and grants
  • Campaign 2 – Procurement practices, processes, and reporting
  • Campaign 3 - Grants practices and processes

Note - We are looking for ideas to reduce your burden through data standards and changes to reporting procedures. We are interested in hearing about proposed changes that can be accomplished through executive (regulatory, administrative, or management) action, as well as potential legislative proposals where requirements are based in statute.