Recommendations from The Coalition for Government Procurement

Last year, the Coalition for Government Procurement submitted a number of recommendations in response to the Chief Acquisition Officers Council (CAO) Council Open Dialogue to improve the economy and efficiency of the Federal acquisition system.


The Coalition urges the government to take action on the previously submitted recommendations to increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of Federal procurement. Implementing these measures will simplify the acquisition process and remove unnecessary barriers to the Federal market for businesses of all sizes:


1. Reduce Contract Duplication

2. Implement Other Direct Costs in Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contracts

3. Remove the Price Reductions Clause and reform MAS pricing policies

4. Reduce Extensive Data Collection Requirements

5. Clarify Intellectual Property Rights for GSA Schedules

6. Address Restrictive Experience Requirements for GSA Schedules Program

7. Reform Burdensome Ordering Procedures for BPAs

8. Reduce Regulatory Burdens by increasing Commercial Item Contracting



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