PSC: Reduce Small Business Subcontracting Reporting Burden

The FAR requires semi-annual submission of Individual Subcontract Reports (ISRs) for all federal agencies, as well as Summary Subcontract Reports (SSRs) for DoD and NASA, and annual submission of SSRs for civilian agencies. In addition to the submissions required during performance of a covered contract, ISRs are required to be submitted within 30 days of contract completion.


Amending the FAR, at a minimum, and the DFARS, underlying statutes, and any related legislation and regulations to implement annual subcontract reporting across the board would would reduce the time and cost of reporting roughly by half, and reduce the administrative burden for government. Annual reporting would still provide the required information needed by federal agencies, and save over $50 million a year for contractors and government.


More detailed information on PSC’s recommendation is included in the attached white paper.



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