Eliminate Subcontracting from Prime Awardees

Grant Proposals indicate all institutions involved and require separate budget submissions. Not only is it a waste of taxpayer $ to pay institutions F&A on the first 25K of each sub, but it is so inefficient to dole out the $ to us to turn around and pay out the subs when you can utilize a LOC payment system. Then you impose subrecipient monitoring on us and everybody has to document everyone else's audit report/FCOI compliance, etc. Give me a break!! These subcontracting institutions already are direct recipients of Federal $ and one would think they've passed the compliance test if the Fed govt can grant them $. Then comes progress reporting and the prime is on the hook to gather everything from the subs. So, in conclusion, the Govt should award each institution directly for their piece and gather either individual progress rpts by site or allow for a portal where each institution can enter it's own technical and admin information.



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