Centralized Reporting Portal Technical Requirement Suggestions

A single, central reporting portal for all reporting would help achieve the goals of the DATA Act. A central portal should provide the following functions:

1) One Portal

a. The goal is to have one place for recipients to report on research expenditures.

b. All the agencies conform from the beginning.

i. If exceptions are granted, it should be clearly documented who has been granted an exception and, the length of time the exception is granted. A direct link to the applicable site to be used for reporting exceptions should be provided.

c. Make this the portal for project updates.

d. Provide a road map for additional capabilities such as:

i. Draw downs.

ii. Project Updates.

iii. Incorporate ORCID Standard identifiers for personal information where needed.

2) The ability to use multiple file types for exchange import and export, i.e. CSV or XML, JSON, or Other formats as desired.

a. Current DATA Act Schema Version 0.5 uses XBRL and indicates there may be other options however, is critical the other options are available at “go-live”.

b. Data upload ability should be easy and straight forward for functional users.

3) Make available for System-to-System and provide documented Public Key infrastructure

4) Web Service should be provided to enable individual awards or bulk awards.

5) Make DATA Standards readily available for download or viewing.

6) Provide a User Guide.

7) Do not allow the data to be uploaded until the data is validated.

8) During data load provide error messages that indicate more intuitively what to check or where to troubleshoot. Errors should be specific in lieu of a single error per submission.

9) Role-based user accounts utilizing a Federated Login – Incommon like we see at

10) Portal should have the following capabilities:

a. Searching, Filtering and Sorting should be available for all Data, for both direct Portal login and System to System users.

b. Custom reporting to allow users to select specific data elements.

c. Ability to pull report based on upcoming reports due, or reports within a certain date range.

11) Administrative view should be available to view past uploads as well as current uploads.

a. APIs should be provided to allow recipients to download data into their local systems.



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