Allow PDFs to be Uploaded to Portal

Faculty at Princeton University find it frustrating that each agency requires different data in different formats and that not all the web portals work well. For example, the DOE-BES PAMS system does not always save entries, and this can lead to loss of edits. Clicking to save an entry often takes the PI to the login page, often resulting in loss of data. So having a robust portal that automatically saves data entered would be very helpful. At NSF there are different documents for “Outcomes” and “Accomplishments”. There are eight separate boxes for “Impact.” It would be highly desirable if we just produce one single PDF document and upload it all at once. Dividing it up into all these subsections is very time consuming. A PDF is fully searchable and can be useful to the reviewing official. Also, the current format is highly redundant with multiple abstracts/summaries/public summaries.



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