2. Procurement Rules and Practices

Government/Industry Collaboration & Communication Pre-RFP Phase

Transformation Innovation in IT/Services Acquisition: We must have open communication and collaboration with industry from day 1 of a new (large) procurement. Government publishes OMB 300, Report 15s and program-specific strategy on public website. Hold monthly Industry Days to openly communicate with Industry, verify requirements, get innovative ideas, and utilize digital market research. Utilize non-profits to assist in identifying contractors with unconscious competency (e.g. best of best) and use these contractors to assist in requirements development, industry best practices and how to achieve program objectives. Every collaborative activity is posted daily to a public website - this levels the playing field fosters open communication and reduces time, risk and cost to both Industry and Government. Industry will not reveal their solution but will guide government is the right direction. This approach frees government resources to focus on producing a quality procurement that will succeed in all government objectives. This also frees Industry resources to focus on generating the best possible solution for the government's specific procurement. The end result is that both save time, money while ensuring that the government gets what it wants, that way it wants it, when it needs it and at a highly competitive price



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