2. Procurement Rules and Practices

NDI Test Program

Currently there is a Commercial Items test programs that allows use of SAP up to $6.5M for commercial items, or NDIs that have been sold to State and Local Governments. Unfortunately some design activities are wary about providing commercial item determinations because they fear it could cause them to lose control of the item to another design activity or lose Quality Assurance capabilities.


There is also a military purpose NDI test program which allows use of SAP up to $6.5M for competitive procurements with "non-traditional" vendors. Again, some design activities are wary about using this program for the above stated reasons, and it is difficult to verify a "non-traditional" vendor (a SAM representation could go a long way for this program).


There should be a test program that allows the use of non-commercial SAP over $150K for NDIs when the procurement is competitive and a small business set aside (partial or total). This would increase small business participation, reduce acquisition lead time (i.e. - no written source selection plans, no rigid competitive range determination, no source selection board, etc...), and allow Contracting Officers to more easily utilize trade offs and achieve best value.



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