2. Procurement Rules and Practices

Gov-wide Proposal Submission Tool

Contracting officers and specialists spend days each year going through proposal spreadsheets, correcting unintentional errors, and performing price analyses, cost analyses, and cost realism analyses.


Technologically, the US is easily at the point where offerors can log into a single, web-based application and key in their data in designated fields. The fields automatically catch adding errors and rounding errors, which are very common. The system pulls the data from the fields, and automatically performs price analysis, cost analysis, and cost realism analysis. The officers and specialists then interpret the information and cut it in different ways for their analysis.


Contractors could have also their labor categories and rates saved so as to save them time in proposal preparation.


This system would significantly reduce the proposal analysis period and saves administrative time and effort. It also encourages the government to get more competition because they can analyze vendor costs much more quickly than before.



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