2. Procurement Rules and Practices

Failure to Implement Other Direct Costs in MAS Contracts

Issue: Failure to incorporate/utilize FAR 52.212-4, Alternate I in Multiple Award Schedule contracts. This gap in the MAS program limits competition, increases costs, fosters contract duplication and reduces efficiency.


FAR 52.121-4, Alternate I provides the contract mechanism/procedures for including Materials, Other Direct Costs and Indirect Costs in commercial item contracts. The failure to utilize this FAR-based clause in MAS contracts limits flexibility, efficiency and competition under the MAS program. As a result the MAS program is encouraging/fostering contract duplication by customer agencies who cannot acquire complete commercial solutions under the MAS program.


Recommendation: FAR 52.212-4, Alternate I is in most MAS contracts. Agencies should be authorized to utilize the clause at the task order level to compete and acquire total commercial solutions that include materials, ODCs and indirect costs.



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